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About is an online marketplace for Buyers wanting to purchase a specific good or service. As a buyer, you open a project, describe in detail, exacting what you want to buy. Then you wait for sellers who have the goods or service your request, to reply to your project. is like a broker for the Buyer & Sellers. The buyer controls the process from start to finish. Determing the budget, duration and ultimately the seller.

How does work?

There are two types of membership in BegMeToBuyIt. (Buyer) and (Seller).

  1. Buyer posts a project{OPEN PROJECT}, describing exactly, in detail, what they want to buy ( a good or service). Buy locally in your city, area or buy nationally. Do a zip code search to find projects in your area.
  2. Seller who are interested in selling a good or service to the buyer, can reply with a bid for the project. Sellers can also search the zip code search box to find any projects in their city or area.
  3. Once a bid is placed by a seller, both Buyer & Seller are not permitted to post their contact info, ( address, e-mail, telephone, etc.) If You post a (URL) website address, for example: You want to show your portfolio, then the URL/page must NOT contain any of your contact information.
  4. Communicate. We encourge both buyers and sellers to communicate via the message board. Find out how to pay for the service. Is shipping included? Can the seller deliver? Can the buyer inspect before accepting any bids?
  5. At any time during the project, a Buyer can end the project and then select a Seller to purchase the good or service described in the project.
  6. The Project is closed and the Buyer & Seller can exchange contact information, feedback and then conclude the transaction as discussed in the private messages.



For Buyers:

  • Save time & money! Choose the seller with the lowest price and best deal.
  • When the buyer opens a project, they decide the price range, duration and then the sellers(s) will have to compete for your business by offering their lowest price (bid) to sell you the good or service you want. It means you can buy your good and service at a very low-price, saving you time and money!
  • You pick (choose) the seller. You decide which seller you think is the most qualified at the lowest price.
  • You don't have to meet the seller to finish the project, or you may decide to meet your seller to review, (inspect) the good or service while the project is still open.
  • Pay the Seller after all discussions are met, every detail is covered and a mutual agreement is made for payment and transfere.
  • You decide the price, period of time to finish the project and the seller you want to buy from! What are you waiting for? Register now as a Buyer, or learn more about Buyer projects.

For Seller:

  • Sell, Sell, Sell! If you're a business, increase your sales and expand your customers. If your a private person, sell some of your unwanted items or find new customers. This is your place to expand your business and sell your good or service, stress free! No matter where you live or where your business is located, you dont have to meet face to face (most of the projects), or buy in person. Do a ZIP CODE search to find potential buyers and projects in your area. Sell locally.
  • Even if you have many customers already, why not use BegMeToBuyIt to expand your customer base? Increase your sales and use BegMeToBuyIt as an alternative to find more customers. You've got nothing to lose! Also, you will benefit from BegMeToBuyIt. Buyers can deposit money in your account several ways. And you can withdraw money in an easier, different and faster way to get paid at BegMeToBuyIt.
  • You decide the projects you want, bid your lowest price and get paid! What are you waiting for? Register now as seller, or learn more about Seller account.


It is free to join. There are no sign up or monthly fees. BegMeToBuyIt charges the Buyer $3 after a project is successfully closed and a seller is chosen. The Seller is charged a 1% commission fee of the final bid, (resulting from a successful closed project), minimum is $5.00. These fees are charged to your account after a project is successfully closed.

ex. : Your project budget is $1,000.00 to $1,500.00 and the Sellers (winning) bid is $1,000.00 . BegMeToBuyIt will withdraw the 1% commision for $1,000.00 ($10.00)- from the sellers account and charge the buyer a flat $3 fee.


You will be able to credit, withdrawal, or transfere money to your account via PAYPAL or money order. Go here to deposit:| Go here to transfere funds to another member: | Go here to withdrawal money and get paid!

That's all, go to our Help/FAQ pages to get more information
or contact us if you have any question.