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Project: Handy Man
ID: 1219267834
Status: open
Budget Range: $50 - $400
Buyer: JOE
Rating: ( 0 Reviews)
Bidding Began : 15/09/2008
Bidding Expires: 28/05/2013 date expired
Project Description: Hello, we live in Apex, North Carolina and are in desperate need of a handy man to help with some minor household repairs. We need a storm door installed and an old wood shed torn down. We also need some clutter removed from our basement. We can pay for the whole job or by the hour. Please provide references. Thank you.
Project Type: Buisness/Industry, Home and Garden, Specialty Services, Home Repair, Yard Service, Personal Services, Others
Attachment, if any:
Location: North Carolina
Zip Code: 0
Seller Type: Not need to meet (by phone, email, etc.)
Years of Expertise: Doesnt Matter
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Seller Bid Timeframe Time of Bid
jcsseller$40148day(s)01/09/2008 at 08:09:49
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