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Project: Grocery Shopping
ID: 1319433103
Status: open
Budget Range: $1 - $500
Buyer: Robert
Rating: ( 0 Reviews)
Bidding Began : 23/10/2011
Bidding Expires: 21/01/2012 date expired
Project Description: Hello, My wife and I are spending the winter in North Las Vegas, Nevada. We will be there December 15th, 2011 thru March 19th, 2012. We are looking for professional to help us with grocery shopping and pet care, like babysitting our two small dogs. We can pay by the hour or by the job. Please reply if you can help us with these services. Thank you.
Project Type: Business/Industry, Specialty Services, Food/Dining, Others
Attachment, if any:
Location: Nevada
Zip Code: 89087
Seller Type: Not need to meet (by phone, email, etc.)
Years of Expertise: Below 1 year
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